Hydroquinone is highly effective in limiting the excess amount of melanin formation. Melanin is the pigment responsible for giving color to the skin, and an excess amount of melanin formation can lead to the creation of brown spots on the skin. Therefore, hydroquinone cream can control skin damage by lightening the darkened skin which might be caused by multiple factors such as freckles, melasma, acne marks, and other skin problems. Daily use of a standard amount of hydroquinone cream “Pea size” can enhance skin texture by decreasing the freckles and dark spots. Maximum advantages can be achieved after regular use of hydroquinone cream for 2-3 months.

Hydroquinone creams are available in two different concentrations, Hydroquinone 4% Cream, and Hydroquinone 5% Cream. The prescription depends upon the clinical signs and symptoms of the patient. If the patient is suffering from any skin allergy or eczema, it is recommended to consult the Hydroquinone cream is only for topical use only. It is advised to avoid using this cream near eyes, lips or inside your nose or mouth. If hydroquinone cream has accidentally applied to on sensitive areas, it is recommended to wash the skin with physician or dermatologist before using Hydroquinone cream.

Using Hydroquinone Cream
Before using hydroquinone cream, it is suggested to use a "test dose" to check if there is an allergic reaction to this cream. Apply a minimal amount of hydroquinone cream to the skin and check the response of the cream within 24 hours. If no adverse reaction has reported, then it is safe to use. The best time to use hydroquinone cream is morning and night time. It is advised that never apply the cream for a prolonged duration. The other recommendation is never to use hydroquinone cream on the open wounds or sunburned skin.
First of all, wash your hands before using hydroquinone cream. Apply the cream on your face in minimal amount. Follow these guidelines for at least two months. Usually, during this period, all skin damage is recovered such as acne, dark spots. Unfortunately, if there is no improvement after using this cream for two months, then it is recommended to consult your physician. Store the hydroquinone cream at room temperature, and an overdose of cream lead to severe clinical complications. If sometimes the dose is skipped then immediately use the cream as soon, you remember it.

Health Benefits of Hydroquinone Cream

Dark Spots
Hydroquinone cream is beneficial in lightening the dark spots. It is the best solution for dark spots and acne scars. It is best known for minimizing the dark circles and hydrating the skin. Dark spots can destroy natural beauty and confidence of individuals particularly females. Hydroquinone cream is used to improve skin by decreasing the dark spots. Hydroquinone commonly used along with sunblock and moisturizer Hydroquinone cream has many advantages such as dark spots, skin pigmentation and acne scars. Treatment is a slow process, and it might take three months. Hydroquinone cream is developed to brighten skin and fade dark spots.

Acne Scars
There are many anti-acne creams available in the market, but unfortunately, most of them have severe side effects therefore instead of treating acne it can lead to severe skin problems. Hydroquinone cream has many health and skin care benefits such as treating acne scars. The main constituent of hydroquinone cream is hydroquinone. It the is chiefly used dermatological products. It is best known for healing and fading the skin pigmentation. This cream works by decreasing the melanin concentration in the skin. It is also the fact that in certain conditions hydroquinone may cause skin more sensitive to sun radiation. It is recommended that to treat acne scars, use this cream in minimal quantity.

Melasma is a skin associated clinical condition in this condition individuals develops brown patches. The brown spots are commonly experienced on the face. This clinical condition is known as melasma. It is most common in women and is more common in those with darker skin. Hydroquinone cream is capable of blocking the skin ability to make melanin pigment. Most of the dermatologists suggest a combination of creams to treat melasma and other skin problems. Hydroquinone is found in different skin-lightening products developed for better skin care for women. The primary function of hydroquinone cream is reducing dark spots, freckles, melasma, and other types of hyperpigmentation. The components of hydroquinone cream can peel dark spots.