Retinol is an important derivative of vitamin A that is naturally present in the skin. Retinol is an essential cosmetic ingredient. It is commonly used in the skin serums, ointments, creams, and eye creams. The primary function of retinol cream is to decrease the facial wrinkles,  improve the pore size and to restore skin glow and permanence. These are FDA approved a prescription for the treatment of acne. It works by restoring the cellular organization in the epidermis. Retinol creams are best known for their anti-aging properties.

The anti-aging process involves in the retexturing and smoothening of the skin by decreasing the pore size and resulting in fairness and softening of the skin. The best results can be achieved by regular use of retinol cream in the small quantity. After a few weeks, the skin will adjust to the cream and enhances its functions.

Retinol creams are available in three different concentrations, Vitacid 0.1% Cream, Vitacid 0.05% Cream and Vitacid 0.025% Cream the prescription depends upon the clinical signs and symptoms of the patient. If the patient is suffering from any skin allergy or eczema, it is recommended to consult the physician or dermatologist before using retinol cream.

Using Retinol Cream
Retinol cream is a miracle cream with many health and skincare benefits. The maximum advantages of the cream can be obtained when is it is used according to the recommendations of a dermatologist. This cream is famous for reversing the skin damage, so it is highly recommended to use it according to the instructions. This cream should be applied to the skin as prescribed applying too much cream of frequent use can lead to skin damage instead of healing.

The best time to use this cream is night time. First of all, wash your hands before applying retinol cream (Vitacid cream). Then it is recommended to use an eye cream for the protection of the sensitive part of eyes. You have to wait for at least 10 minutes and let the skin dry completely. If you used retinol cream without drying the face, it would not work the best because the retinol will be absorbed in the skin and may cause sensitivity or irritation. Take a small quantity of retinol cream on your fingertip; the amount recommended is “Pea Size.” Then apply it to the whole face and gently rub it cover the face. Do not forget to use sunscreen in the next morning to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Benefits of Retinol Creams

Anti-wrinkle Properties
Retinol cream is the best prescription for eliminating wrinkles. Individuals during their early 40s might be worried about aging signs such as wrinkles and dull skin. It is the best cream to restore skin damage and firmness. Nowadays, Retinol creams are prescribed by the dermatologists. In the early 40s, it is the best time to start using this cream. It can be used along with a different combination of creams to combat skin problems. Make it sure to discuss with your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or an allergy.

Anti-acne Properties
Retinol cream is also essential for its anti-acne properties. Several types of acne are unaffected by oral medications and creams. Retinol cream can give the best result in such chronic acne problems. There are different dermatological creams available in the market, but unfortunately, the ingredients of such cosmetic creams are not suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. Therefore, Retinol cream can be the best choice to treat acne in such condition where all traditional creams have failed to achieve the results.

Anti-aging Properties
Retinol is as an antiaging agent. Therefore Retinol cream is considered one of the best anti aging cream. Retinol creams are getting popularity in the cosmetology due to multiple skincare benefits. Retinol cream is known as a skin care ingredient, and it possesses anti-aging properties. It neutralizes the free radicals and promotes the production of collagen. Many anti-aging creams and serums consist of retinol components used for blurring acne marks and skin fairness. Retinol cream works better against the fine lines along with the moisturizer. However, sometimes a combination.

Retinol cream has many benefits, one of them is papules healing. A papule is a type of skin blemish. It is a skin lesion smaller than a centimeter. Due to a papule, the affected area becomes discolored. It is a big concern for individuals who are suffering from this condition. Retinol cream is highly effective in treating such condition. According to recent research use of a recommended amount of cream on the affected skin can reverse the skin damage.